What to Pack for Iceland – 5 Days in August



Eddie Bauer Women’s Cirruslite Down Parka / Calvin Klein Faux Fur Trim Hooded Anorak Black / Women’s The North Face Triple C II Parka Goose Down Medium Black

Light Down Layer – I found this light puffer layer at Eddie Bauer and was ecstatic for the find as it adds some color and its both light enough and warm enough to layer or wear as is.

Dressy Jacket – This jacket is the equivalence of a heavy rain jacket. It’s waterproof but also lightly insulated, giving me protection against the elements but also looking fitted and sleek.

Large Down Jacket – This large down jacket is my go-to for any cold weather as it is long enough to cover past my waist, and is easily packable (perfect for my carry on!).


The North Face Womens Wrap-Ture Full Zip Jacket Monument Grey Heather / Icelandic SweaterRelefree Microfiber Towel Set 2

Light Jacket – As part of my layering, I chose this neutral light jacket to wear on the plane, to layer with and it’s long enough to keep my full torso warm.

Icelandic Sweater I lucked out big time on this staple piece as my mom had an old vintage sweater lying around from when she went to Denmark. So I’m all set in my authentic Icelandic wool sweater!

Travel Towel This is a small but awesome investment, especially if going to the Blue Lagoon or anywhere if you are worried about swimming and traveling.


Banana Republic V Neck Basic T-Shirt / Women’s Cold Gear Under Armor / The Limited Long Sleeve Perfect Tee

2 Basic T-Shirts – I brought one black and one white t-shirt to serve as a base layer when flying and/or underneath all layers. By choosing neutral colors that go with everything, it’s easy to dress up and down.

Thermal – This is my warmest top that is coming along. It helps wick away sweat but keeping my body warm too!

2 Long Sleeved Tops – One black and one striped long sleeved tops are brought as they are my most comfortable and go-to wardrobe pieces. Mine were from The Limited (unfortunately they are closed now), but I’m sure you can find something similar. They work great for going out in the evenings – for when I don’t want to be wearing such athletic gear.


The Limited Dark Skinny Jeans / Under Armour Women’s Authentic ColdGear Compression LeggingsBecca Color Code Strappy Wrap Bikini Top & Bottoms in Black

Dark Skinny Jeans – You can never go wrong with a dark pair of skinny jeans. They easily dress up any outfit or are great for a day of adventure!

3 Pair Thermal Leggings – I’ll be bringing 3 pairs of leggings on this trip – 1 light pair for on the plane, 1 medium-warmth pair for warmer days and 1 thermal pair for long travel days or on days where I expect to get wet (i.e. – waterfalls!). I’ve always been a big fan of Under Armor when it comes to leggings as they are super warm and well worth the price.

Swimsuit – I was looking for a sleek but not completely basic bathing suit and was thrilled when I found this one at Macys! It’s the perfect size but also with no obnoxious colors or patterns. Perfect for a day at the Blue Lagoon 🙂


Burberry Scarf ReplicaMen’s Hats & Caps Columbia Hats Columbia Watch Knit Black/whiteHigh Sierra Darter 10L Hydration PackThe North Face Jester Backpack

Scarf & Hat – I chose this Burberry knock off scarf that I found at Marshalls. It’s serves both an accessory to dress up my coat and to add a little color (matches all 3 coats) and functionality as it isn’t super large and will provide warmth. The hat is a men’s hat actually but I was looking for this color hat specifically to be able to mix-and-match with each outfit and I was thrilled to have found it on clearance at Dicks Sporting Goods this summer.

Daypack – I found this daypack at the beginning of summer at Marshalls and tested it out when we did a weekend trip to Hocking Hills. It worked out better than I had planned, so I’m excited to bring it to Iceland to use when on each day’s excursion and I have to carry any extra layers, maps, and souvenirs. Note: I’ve never actually used the hydration pack part of the backpack.

Backpack – Every time I travel with a carry-on, I always use a backpack as my ‘personal item.’ It provides me with larger space than a purse does, and I love that its hands-free, allowing me not to be that bumbling person at TSA trying to lug all my bags around and digging around looking for my boarding pass and passport. The bag also serves as a daypack if I need to carry things during the trip and want something larger than a purse. Note: I also bring a small travel lock that gives me some personal peace of mind when I’m walking around with the backpack on my back (instead of having a purse hanging towards my front where I can keep an eye on it).

Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Bahama Washed Fashion Sneaker Nike Women’s FS Lite Run 2 Running ShoeKEEN Women’s Terradora Mid Waterproof Hiking BootsSperry Top-Sider Women’s Saltwater Quilted Nylon Rain Boot

Casual Shoes – These canvas grey/tan Sperry shoes are cute and comfortable and perfect for night life or anytime I want to dress up an outfit.

Sneakers – These will be my backup casual shoes and travel shoes. These sneakers got me through walking all over London, Paris, Rome and Greece and I cannot speak higher of these shoes! I need something that is light and has tons of arch support and these are like walking on air.

Waterproof Hiking Boots – Every article I read on ‘What-to-Pack for Iceland’ told me that a solid pair of waterproof hiking boots is a necessity. I found this awesome pair at Dicks Sporting Goods (I’m the person that needs to try shoes on in-store) and tested them out on our Hocking Hills weekend. They were incredibly comfortable and my feet stayed dry. The best part is that they are semi-sneaker looking, and aren’t as clunky as a big hiking boot normally is.

Waterproof Boots – I wear these shoes a lot in everyday life so naturally I know they make my feet feel good. I love the all black too, as they go with my mix-and-match travel style and I know they’ll keep my feet comfortable, dry and warm.

Additional Items:

Toiletry Bag – The bag I own is from a million years ago (inherited it from a cousin) but it’s small and compact and is able to hold all my cosmetic an toiletry items. Mine is more of a brief-case style but her is another version that I would recommend.

Socks – Although not pictures, I’ll be bringing along my Wigwam wool socks and some black ankle socks to keep my feet warm. These thick socks (yes, they are men’s), are phenomenal and during winters, they are my favorite thing to put on when at home as they keep my feet so warm!

Wall Charger – I had acquired this charger when in Europe when my roommate and I were trying to share a phone charger and it was a constant struggle on who was going to get to charge their phone that evening. We went to the front desk of our hotel in Paris and they had generously given us this charger that someone had left behind. This charger is so quick and get the job done without any complications.

Plug Adapter – As Iceland uses the European plug, I bought this OREI European Plug Adapter for my mom’s trip to Rome and am hoping that it works out well for anything that I need plugged in that doesn’t have a USB port. 

Money Belt – I don’t know what I’d do without this fantastic invention. This belt goes with me on all my travels and it helps keep all my passport, ID, and important travel documents tucked safely away where I know no one can get to it. Pick one up at Wal-Mart for a couple of bucks 🙂

Packing Cubes – These are another incredible invention and are a necessity whenever I travel with a carry on. These helped so much when I just needed an outfit. I would pull out the cubes, grab what I needed, and be able to throw them back into my suitcase without having to mess up every article of clothing inside.

Neck Pillow – When traveling so much, whether by boat, train or airplane, these pillows were a lifesaver. I suggest one filled with memory foam or thick cotton though, as the blow-up ones can cut into you neck at times, and the bead-filled ones aren’t firm enough and you’re neck will hurt after a while.

Sunglasses – Iceland can get quite bright during the day (especially with the long summer hours) so I stick to my trusty Ray Ban Wayfarer glasses.

Guidebook – For every big travel I do, I pick up my favorite brand, Frommer’s Guidebooks, at my library before I go.They are wonderful because each guidebook comes with a map of the city (even though our tour guide gives us more detailed ones once we reached the city) and gives me great reviews on tourist must-see-places in each spot.

Travel Paper Organizer – This is a new product I’m trying out to help keep all my confirmation and travel paperwork organized. If all else fails, it it was only a $7 investment.

Watch – My FitBit Alta comes with me everywhere, and I’ve always been a fan of sporty watches so this one is my go-to for time and fitness tracking. For a trendier alternative, I love my Arvo Awristacrat with a neutral band. Its a beautiful, minimalist watch that is functional and beautiful.

Purse – I will be bringing  my small Calvin Klein SaffiaNo Cross Body Bag for when I don’t want to be walking around with a sporty daypack or backpack. It’s easily tucked away in the front outside pocket of my carry on, therefore not taking up any space inside. 

Earbuds – These are always a staple for any traveling, and always pack them for those just-in-case moments when the airplane doesn’t provide any.

Selfie Stick – Yes, a ridiculous contraption but its great for when there’s no one around to help snap a photo. The bluetooth is great as it helps snap the photo for you (just make sure its charged up the night before).

Sleep Mask – I already use a sleep mask every night I sleep (the pressure on my eyelids helps me fall asleep faster), but in Iceland especially with the long hours of sunlight way into the evening, it’s important to have a sleep mask (just in case your hotel doesn’t have curtains). I buy my silk sleep mask as Giant Eagle but any silk sleep mask will do.

Full Packing List

For a complete packing list, click the image below to download my free Iceland 5-Day Packing List (or feel free to use this list as a great start for any traveling).

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