Day 1: Traveling to London

So the journey begins as I packed way too many clothes into a checked bag, my backpack and purse. Mom and dad dropped me off at Cleveland Airport and already I found out that my roommate, Erin, who is flying out of Columbus, had had her flight canceled and will be flying to Houston instead of meeting up at NJ with me before heading to London.

Its been two long hours waiting for our actual flight to London and I’ve met up with Lauren who is also on the trip. We’ve definitely been getting to know each other with this 5-hr layover. Hopefully the flight goes well!

We’ve made it! It was approximately 6-hrs and boy did I feel like a baby animal just learning how to walk when getting off the plane. We’ve met out tour guide Andreas outside and are off to head to our hotel!

Only a third of the way there!

Hearty meal of chicken, pasta, veggies, salad, role and brownie, LOL.

Here we go!

Today was quite something unexpected. After arriving at St. Giles hotel and leaving our bags, I met up with Lauren, Kati and Kelly and per recommendation of Andreas we took the tube from our hotel to an outdoor market filled with dishes from all around the world. The tube so cool and I’m glad Robert and I took the metro in DC over spring break because although its very simple to navigate, I felt more prepared this time around using the metro.



Bricker Lane was where the market was located

I wasn’t too fond of the sketchy area of the location so after eating we walked back towards out hotel and made out way to St. Paul’s Cathedral. And what a sight it was! So beautiful and I was in such awe of how large it was! And of course, outside was the classic tourist attraction for taking a picture in a phone booth.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Classic tourist

We then walked a course of blocks back and found the British History Museum! I was so in love with this place and it was so cool to see all the actual pieces I learned about in History of Art Class.

British Museum

After the museum, we returned back to the hotel after being exhausted from walking around all morning. After a shower and getting to lay down, my roommate Erin finally arrived after her flight from Columbus was canceled and she had to fly to Houston before flying to London.

The room was quaint, clean and small with just two short twin beds, a desk and a small wardrobe built into the wall. The bathroom was beautiful though, with floor-to-ceiling black marble walls!

Our room

Bathroom-so pretty

We both took a quick nap before having to meet the group in the lobby at 6p. At 6p, we met everyone, did some quick introductions and then Andreas lead us to the hotel restaurant for dinner, followed by a pub crawl around the block. I got a delicious seafood pasta bowl for dinner!

My shrimp were huge!

Erin and I after the first pub crawl were a little tired still, and now full from dinner, so we decided to go back to the hotel and make plans for the next day in London.

Pub crawl

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