Day 11: Traveling to Sorrento 

Today we woke up at 7am to take the charter bus to Sorrento. So after a 3-hour bus ride along the peninsula between Mt. Vesuvius and Sorrento, we arrived at our hotel which is named Hotel Cavor which is this adorable little hotel on the side of the mountain. Our room has a extra set of bunk beds in it (so 4 total beds in the room) and it all tile floors, with a blue and yellow theme for the hotel.

So many beds!

Blue and yellow bathroom

After putting everything in our rooms, Andreas lead us on a walk down the hill to the city, in which we had the option to go to a neighboring Island to see underground water caves or stay and explore the city. We found out that the caves cost €70 (!?!!!) not including the boat ride over there so we just stuck with staying in town.

Rows of vespas lining the street

Erin and I began walking through the quiet but busy streets of the small town. Little shops line the streets, each selling the famous lemonchellio which Is a lemon-flavored liquor that is native to Sorrento because they mainly grow lemons and oranges. Every building is also so unique and always has an array of bright and color plants and flowers climbing the walls.

The beautiful town of Sorrento

The view walking down to the town

Our first stop was a gelato shop in which Erin got Ferrero Roche flavor and I got mango again. It was so good and the one entire wall of the restaurant was a stone waterfall which was absolutely gorgeous.

Gelato and waterfall wall

We then just walked down the main strip looking at all the expensive clothing shops and souvenir shops. Erin bought some lemonchellio and some scarves and we then walked down a long stairway down the side of a cliff more or less to get to the waterfront. We met up with Nathan and Chris who were also on the marina and we all just sat in the sun and soaked up the amazing view of the water.

Walk down to the coast

After about an hour, it was going to rain soon so we walked back up to the main strip to find some food for dinner. Erin found a cute inexpensive cafe and we both sat inside just as it started to lightly rain. We ordered Hawaiian pizza and spaghetti and laughed as the goofy waiter waited on us and kept telling us to “smile really big.” We then were stuffed from the food so we made a quick pit stop at the ATM for Erin and then made our way back to the hotel.

Yum yum, more pizza

The walk back was relaxing and we were able to get a lot of beautiful pictures of the landscape and waterfront, with Mt. Vesuvius in the distance (remember it from the story of Pompeii?).

Found a waterfall

Mount Vesuvius in the distance

Adorable red doorway!

Back at the hotel, Erin and I just relaxed and chatted in the room before heading down to our room and packing our backpacks for the next evening’s overnight cruise ship to Greece.

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