Day 13: Traveling to Greece

We wake up for an 8:30a breakfast on the boat, with our meals already laid out, consisting of OJ, tea, a croissant, roll, hard-boiled egg and bowl of cornflakes. It was very filling and then we spend the rest of the morning lounging in the seating area,chatting and journaling as we waited to port at 12:30p.

Breakfast laid out for us on the boat
As we waited to unload from the boat, the majority of the group sat on the top deck of the boat in the warm sunshine and watching the mountains roll by. A thing to note is that the water here is such a piercing blue, and it doesn’t smell fishy, like some of the water around home. It simply smells of clean fresh air which is a wonderful treat!

Panoramic of our view from the boat deck

After getting off the bus, we climb onto another charter bus to drive 2 more hours to get onto a 15-minute ferry to take us to our hotel on the island of Poros. For lunch halfway through the drive, we stop at a place that serves pork and chicken on a stick which was to die for! I got both and boy were they tasty! We were also right next to the famous Canale so we walked across the bridge for a quick photo op and a change to gaze down into the deep cavern which is now no longer in service due to boats nowadays being too large to fit down the canal’s narrow path.

Lunch kabobs

Looking down the canal
We then arrived at our destination ferry and we all couldn’t believe our eyes. It was the smallest charter boat and we were all laughing hysterically as we loaded all our luggage somehow on it and traveled across the water to our beautiful hotel waiting for us on the water’s edge. The island is so picturesque that you cant help but fall in love with it. Small white and tan buildings with adobe and black roofs pile to the very top of the small island with the faint chimes of the church bell ringing as we arrive at our hotel.

Our small ferry boat over to the hotel

Disembarking the ferry; poros in the background, me standing where our hotel is

Our hotel is charming as it sits right on the water with its own personal beach off to the other side. Our room is located on the ground floor with the entrance being less than 30ft from the water. The grounds are surrounded with beautiful flowers (mom, you’d be in heaven) and our room is luxurious with two beds, and a marble bathroom complete with a TV, mini fridge and mirrored closet. Everyone scampers about in utter bliss taking picture of the water and looking forward to the next 4 days relaxing on the beach and doing water sports.

Panoramic of our room; don’t mind Erin standing there, LOL.

Our pretty bathroom
After re-organizing our bags and putting on warmer clothes for the evening, we all head upstairs to the terrace at 7:30p for a complementary sample of the hotel’s own lemonade which was the best I’ve ever tasted! Andreas then did a few introductions of the hotel staff then we all sat down on the terrace for dinner.

Samples of lemonade? YES PLEASE!

Sitting down for dinner on the terrace
Dinner consisted of a feta cheese dip and bread for appetizers, salad, braised chicken and potatoes, and Greek yogurt with fruit on top for dessert. It was a heavenly meal and we all enjoyed laughing and sitting by the water as sun set to a lazy to a shimmering pink on the water. The night concluded with the group going over to the island for drinks.

Main course of chicken and potatoes

Greek yogurt with fruit and cinnamon for dessert

**don’t worry, more pictures of the Island and all the flowers are soon to come. The lighting was just bad this evening.**

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