Day 14: Island of Poros

I woke up at 8:30a today and headed up to the terrace with Emily, Linda and Ryan for a good meal of croissants, awesome bacon, a fresh pear and peach juice.

Amazing breakfast

After breakfast the four of us each grabbed a bike that was available for us for the day outside the hotel, and biked over to the island of Poros across the water. The ride was beautiful, with it being around 75 degrees, and no harsh traffic on the road. We cruised by cafes and millions of beautiful boats around the water, each bobbing gracefully in the calm water. We passed huge 6ft tall bushes of red hibiscus flowers and small mopeds buzzing by every few minutes.

Riding down to the small town of poros

Pit stop for checking our the view

After our bike ride, we simply sat outside our rooms on the deck for about an hour chatting and getting ready to head over to water sports at 1p.

Flowers outside my room

At 1p, we boarded a small speedboat to the other side of the island where we had the afternoon to lounge on our own private dock complete with a cooler of beer and lounge chairs for everyone. I spent the entire time relaxing and lying in the sun while others paid to go either parasailing, tubing, or ride a banana boat. It was so funny to watch everyone go and even our tour director, Andreas, joined in on the fun.

Made it to the dock for water sports

Sunbathing with Diana and Sam

For lunch, Erin and I walked off the dock to a small restaurant right across our dock that served cheap sandwiches, creeps, and homemade cheery cheesecake. Naturally we tried all three and they were so good that we just didn’t want to leave.

We then spent the remaining 6 hours on the dock with the group, doing water sports, lying in the sun and enjoying the warm air and breathtaking scenery.

The boat tugging people around
Erin and the other girls getting ready to ride the bananas  boat

Banana boat

Afterwards, we got back on the speedboat and made our way back to the hotel to get ready for a “toga party” and dinner.

Dinner was in our regular clothes back on the terrace which was greek salad, cucumber dip, greek lasagna and greek yogurt with cherries on top for dessert. The lasagna was to die for and the cherries were so fresh!

Musaka lasagna

Greek yogurt with cherry sauce

We then all received a sheet and hand-made crown made of real olive branches to be changed into, and then head down to the hotel’s private beach. We did up a toga as best we could and then arrived to the beach. It was dark out with a sandy beachfront with chairs, sofa couches and tables and then an upper deck for dancing. We all laughed hysterically and the strange togas people came in and after a couple of group photos, we started breaking out the drinks.

lauren, Ciera, me, Emily and Linda

Andreas got us all a shot from the bar also located on the beach, which tasted like oranges and Jell-o. Some people brought their own beer and wine and after half the group left after a taking a few group pictures, the rest of us stayed up and danced for a few more songs. It was such a blast especially for all the corny dancing going on. Tomorrow we wake up bright and early for an excursion to Hydra.

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