Day 6: Traveling to Nice

This morning was a struggle as we all had to be down and ready in the lobby at 7:30a (1:30a back home) to board our 6-hour train to Niece, which is the southern most coast of France. The train ride was doable with everyone in the group catching up on sleep, snacking, reading or making small talk. We traveled past rolling green fields, bluer than blue ocean and clusters of white and adobe homes tucked away into rolling mountainsides. The water’s color alone makes your jaw fall open in how strikingly blue it is.

So blue!

Finally we arrived and the first thing we did was get off the bus and Andreas lead us down the beachfront named the Promenade Des Anglais. We then visited the Parc de la Colline du Chateau which was a tall park that overlooked the bay which also contained ancient ruins. The view was stunning and we got to take a nice group picture here.

Walking past beautiful flowers

Up the stairs we go

View from the top

Roman writings

Amazing city

After that, we got to walk around what is known as “the old town” which is the original section of the area and full of parks, fountains and shopping. Erin and I got small scoops of mango and pear ice cream as the weather was now finally 65-70 instead of the 50 we were experiencing in London and Paris.

So many delicious flavors

Outside the ice cream shop

Walked past the biggest piece of cheese!!

Walked by yet another stunning fountain

Then the group was lead to a restaurant down the road for a 3-course dinner. It was a salad, fish, potatoes, seasoned carrots, red and white wine, and maple and pear tart for dessert. It was soo good to eat after walking around and sitting on a train all day.



Pear and syrup tart for dessert

Afterwards we went 30mins out of the city to San Raphael where we stay one night in our Best Western Hotel.


Great room


View from our bedroom window


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