Day 7: Antibes, Cannes and Nice

Today we had the option of doing an island excursion with the group for €75, so after a delicious breakfast of meats, bread and an amazing arrangement of fruit spreads, we were off to the first island of Antibes (pronounced anne-teeps) for some sightseeing.

Its an overcast day and we pull into Port Vauban where we are able to walk through the little town to an outdoor marketplace (very similar to a flea market back home) and then on to the Cathedrale. Pablo Picasso lived on this island and it has a museum of his work next to the cathedral but it wasn’t open when we arrived. After walking through everything we just strolled along the cute and very narrow cobblestone streets (no sidewalks) which were lined with potted plants, flowers crawling up the walls, and laundry being strung up above our heads.

Cute cobblestone roads through the Old Town

We then drove 7 miles/25 minutes to Cannes (pronounced kahns) where we got lunch as a nice restaurant named L’ Angle where we had chicken and mushrooms, mashed potatoes, seasoned tomato half and a chocolate mousse for dessert.


Chocolate mousse for dessert

We then walked down the main road in which the Cannes Film Festival was going on . Erin and I personally didn’t see anyone famous but two other girls in our group saw Chris Brown coming out.

Cannes where the film festival was going on below

Beautiful day in the little center

We walked west to the top of the Muse de la Castre in which its a castle and a museum located on the top of the valley side. The view was incredible as we looked out over the festival, the bustling streets and over the beautiful water. We then climbed to the top if the castle’s main tower and it gave us greatest view of the whole city.

Top of the castle

Outside the Catedrale

Afterwards we walked back to the bus and headed back to our hotel. We were then hungry for dinner so we walked next door to a quick little pizza place open and grabbed 2 slices of pizza. Then we went to a grocery store and picked up some snacks and fruit for breakfast on the train for tomorrow’s long journey to Rome.

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