Day 8: Traveling to Rome

We woke up bright and early at 5:45a to board the 3-hour train to Genova and then another 4-hour train to Rome. The first train we took, the lights in just our car kept turning off so we sat in the complete dark as we cruised along the coast of Monaco. But on the bright side, we were able to nap better with the lights off. The only bad part of the first train too was that a little local woman boarded the train and smelled so bad, we couldn’t wait to get out of our coach. The second train was much better as I mostly slept for the first 3-hours of the ride, then just chilled and enjoyed the great view as our train traveled right along the Italian coast.

We then took a charter bus to our hotel a few blocks away, and we found it to be a very old and charming hotel named the Hotel Regent. We had the usual twin beds with all dark wood trim, and as soon as I walked into the bathroom I immediately laughed and thought of everyone in the SUSTAINS LC as there was a toilet and a bidet in there. They would’ve appreciated it as for their end of the year project, they worked on trying to get bidets into campus resident halls as part of a sustainability move.

Our room in Rome

Bathroom complete with bidet! Lol.

Erin and I then got changed into dresses and sandals and then met the rest of the group for Andreas to lead us to an all-you-can-eat Italian meal. We took the metro (free with our 3-day Roma Pass) to the Spanish Steps and we got to sit on them and people watch for 20-minutes. We even witnessed a couple getting married all dressed up getting their picture taken on the steps.

Crowded at the spanish steps
Then we arrived at Ristorante Andrea. It was a charming little restaurant that has us sitting outside in the warm air with bottles of red and white wine being already passed out. There was 9 of us at our table and the staff brought out appetizers upon appetizers of bruschetta, cooked vegetables, warm bread, and thin slices of pastrami. Then we were served a rigatoni that was beyond delicious. Dessert followed up with a small light bowl of fresh fruit and a shot of llimoncello, that tasted of yellow lemon-head candies.

Our amazing restaurant with authentic Italian pasta

Everyone at the table


First pasta-rigatoni

Second pasta

Now extremely stuffed from eating our appetizers too fast and now a bowl of pasta, out came a bowl of spaghetti that had parmesan cheese and butter on it. I was so full, along with others, and the waiter was being funny and going around and making people take one more bite of their food before he cleared their plate. And of course I was one of those people who had to embarrassingly be fed one last bite. But then the best part came out, which was a small old Italian musician with a guitar and he played sweet Italian songs all the while singing and serenading people as he went.

Erin with the awesome musician

Stuffed and sleepy after all the pasta and wine, half the group went out with Andreas to hit up more bars while the other half of us took the bus home to the hotel.

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