Croatia Day 4: Split – Brač

We are up eating breakfast at 9:00am at the hotel. We meet up with our group of 9 from last night and make our way back into town in search of tickets to one of the islands, right off the coast of Split.

We find the Jadrolinija ferry service from Split to the island of Brač, the closest island to the main land. Our ferry doesn’t leave until 12:30pm so we head back into town to tour the Katedrala Sv. Dujma (Cathedral of St. Domnius) and Baptistery of Jupiter. We paid 25 krona ($4) to enter both and they were beautiful! We first went into the Cathedral of St. Domnius and we admired the beautiful gold-leaf altar, ceiling frescos and tomb of St. Domnius. Across the street we entered the Baptistery of Jupiter. Although much smaller, it was the home of a large, bronze statue of the roman god, Jupiter, two caskets of local saints, along with a beautiful baptistery at the center.

We then made our way to the pier approximately 10 minutes down the pier and stocked up on a few snacks and bottles of water before boarding our ferry.

It was an hour ride from Split to Brač, but the weather was absolutely perfect, at 75 degrees and gloriously sunny. The water is a piercing blue and we watch as we sail away from the shore, how vast and beautiful the city is. The air here is fresh, with no fishy smell, and we enjoy our snacks on the ride over (beer, water and even hot dog-flavored cheetos).

We step off the ferry onto the port of Supetar and make our way to a little restaurant, Riva Restoran, for an amazing lunch of mushroom soup, dalmatian smoked ham, shrimp risotto, pizzas and fried fish. This was one of our best meals so far!

After a leisurely lunch, we all made our way over to Our Lady of the Annunciation catholic church for a quick group photo. We then took a scenic route back into the city center, and made our way over to the beach. The city is in its off-season so we are pleasantly surprised to have the feeling of having the island to ourselves. The blue-green ombré water is the perfect contrast against the white and grey rocks that line the beach front. We all sit on the pebbly-shore while we watch our one member, Jonathan, swim in the water.

Even though its warm out, the sea breeze makes it feel a bit colder out, so after sitting on the beach, we walk a few steps over to the Supetar cemetery. One of the most beautiful Supetar cultural features is its cemetery where can be found excellent artworks of Croatian sculpture master minds – Ivan Rendić, born in Supetar and Tome Rosandić, the author of Petrinović Family Mausoleum.

We then make our way back to the dock, but not before stopping at Osam Hotel, and going all the way up to their roof top bar. The view here was to die for, we we got a full panoramic view of the beach, waterfront, and entire town. We make ourselves comfortable on the bar’s cozy pillow seating and order some mixed drinks as we wait for the ferry to arrive back into port. Such a chill moment as we all relax, laugh as the hotel’s wifi password – #adulting, and enjoy the gorgeous view.

On our way back on the ferry, we sit inside so as not to freeze outside, and tell stories and drink tall beers for the hour ride back to Split.

Once back, a few of us picked up some last minute souvenirs of ornaments and local chocolates, then make our way over to a local outdoor festival for some quick street snacks, burgers and live music. We then make our way over to a small restaurant on the outskirts of the palace, Bili, for a small dinner of salads, bruschetta, sandwiches, pizza and drinks. The best part, however, was that our table was in the shape of a ship.

A violin plays sweet serenades down the street and it’s sweet melody puts the night at ease.

After a satisfying dinner, some of our group splits off in search of gelato, while the rest of us walk back to the hotel. Split was such a wonderful city to have the opportunity to stay two days in and I’m looking forward to our travels to Dubrovnik tomorrow.

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